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How To Troubleshoot Boatlift Motors

Boat Lift Motors Troubleshooting There’s nothing worse than getting ready to head out on the water one morning, only to find your boat lift malfunctioning. Suddenly, that day on the open water becomes a day of stress and investigating as you try to work out what the issue could be. Your Boat Lift’s Life Line…

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Is your Boat Lift Ready for the Summer?

Summer time is finally here and we all know what that means….It is time to get your boat back in the water! Most boat lifts sit unused for months during the winter.  Boat Lift Distributors recommends you do a  Pre-Summer Boat Lift Maintenance Check to get your lift ready for the summer season.  If you…

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Reliable & Rugged Hewitt Boat Lifts

Hewitt Boat Lifts Made To Last  Since 1974, we’ve been selling boat lifts all across the country. Our family-run company hand picks all our products, parts, and supplies, so that you can be confident that you’re buying the best products on the market for your boating needs. As one of our trusted products, we are…

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Checkout Our Boat Lift Parts Specials!

Keep your Boat Lift in Tip-Top Shape With Our Boat Lift Parts  The convenience and security of a boat lift will quickly turn sour if your lift isn’t outfitted with the best parts on the market. Keep your boat lift in perfect condition with our wide variety of parts, so that you’re out on the…

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Keep Your Jet Ski Out of the Water with a Jet Ski Lift

Jet Ski Lifts & How They Can Prevent Damage & Corrosion  There’s nothing quite like the thrill of taking your jet ski out on an early summer afternoon to race around the lake or bay, at Boat Lift Distributors our main concern is what you’re doing with your Jet Ski once it’s docked. It’s fine…

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