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Boat Lift Parts

The team at Boat Lift Distributors is here to make sure you always have what you need to keep your boat lift in top shape. With the right preventative maintenance and care, you can expect your boat lift to last for years to come. In the event that your boat lift stops working as intended, we can help. We offer a wide variety of boat lift parts so you can repair and replace anything in your boat lift system.

We offer boat lift pulleys and hardware for a range of models. Below you will find all of our boat lifts parts categories. Take some time to browse our online catalog and find the right products you need to repair your lift. For more information about any of our repair parts, contact us now!

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2″ HD Motor Pulley

BLD Riggin' Block only w/ Shackle

BLD Riggin’ Block only w/ Shackle

6" Block Pulley

6″ Block Pulley


14″ Chock Brackets- Galvanized

Starting at:$29.40

6 lb. Cable Weight


16″ Chock Brackets- Aluminum

Starting at:$29.53

V-Bracket Pipe Support

12" Block Pulley

12″ Block Pulley


22″ Chock Brackets- Galvanized

Starting at:$35.70

10″ Gear Pulley


1/4″ Galvanized Cable- PRECUT

Starting at:$36.00

20″ Chock Brackets- Aluminum

Starting at:$36.09

3″ Yarding Block Pulley


2″ Double Motor Pulley

Rigging BLock w/s Shackle & Mount

Rigging BLock w/s Shackle & Mount

V-Bracket (Spilt)

V-Bracket Pipe Support- SPLIT