Elevator Boat Lifts

Elevator boat lifts are “side mounted” to a seawall, dock or piling with the most common being mounted to a seawall. These boat lifts most resemble a forklift, lifting your boat out of the water in a very similar way. These boat lift kits start at a rating of 1500-lbs and go up to 16,000-lbs. Just like the 4 point lifts, the units come in either galvanized or aluminum.

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SS 3000 Lb. Elevator Lift- Storm Surge

Starting at:$6,675.00

SS 6000 Lb. Elevator Lift

Starting at:$8,588.00

SS 10,000 lb. Elevator Lift

Starting at:$9,275.00

SS 13,000 Lb. Elevator Lift

Starting at:$11,800.00
G. 16,000 Lb. Elevator Lift (Silver)

SS 16,000 Lb. Elevator Lift

Starting at:$13,890.00