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3600 lb Capacity Hewitt Cantilever Lift 113″ x 109″

$3,979.25 $3,815.00

3600-lb Free Standing Cantilever Boat Lift

The 3600-lb free standing cantilever boat lift is the perfect fit for your 18-22′ boat.  Although this boat lift can handle bigger boats, the weight limit of 3600-lbs general serves 18-22′ boats.  This boat lift, and all the free standing boat lifts, can be upgraded to accommodate a pontoon boat or even an inboard competition ski boat.  Weighing in at at 396-lbs, this heavy hitter in the boat lift industry is 113″ inside, has an overall length of 109″ & sports (4) 3′ leveling legs.

Need a canopy, longer leveling legs, a motor, etc, call Boat Lift Distributors to receive your package with all the necessary upgrades to fit your lifestyle.  800-657-9998

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3600-lb Free Standing Cantilever Boat Lift

The perfect boat lift for the small – medium size boats.  This free standing cantilever boat lift is ideal to operate at a minimum of 2′ of water (if your boat doesn’t draft too much water) up to about 4′.  Have no fear, if you’re in a little deeper water this boat lift comes standard with (4) 3′ leveling legs.  Constructed from HD T60-61 aluminum, this is your safest & most logical choice for your boat & your family.  This boat lift is 104″ wide & 109″ long and weighs in at 376-lbs.


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Weight 396 lbs