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4000 lb. Classic Cradle Lift w/ 9′ Cradle


4,000-lb Boat House Boat Lift 9′ Cradle Kit

This is our most popular boat house cradle kit.  The 4000 LB boat lift is the perfect lift for the average size boat.  This unit will fit almost all pontoon boats & other vessels up to about 22-24′.


4,000-lb Boat House Boat Lift 9′ Cradle Kit

Standard Features:

  • (4) Galvanized grease-able pulleys with mounts.
  • (1) 1hp TENV sealed motor with electrical wire, switch & GFCI.
  • (4) Galvanized grease-able pulleys with mounts.
  • (90) 1/4″ stainless cables 7×19 aircraft cable.
  • (1) “V” pipe supports
  • (2) 9′ cradle beams with all attaching hardware for your wood runners.
  • All attaching galvanized hardware
  • OPTIONAL UPGRADES, stainless cable, longer & wider slings, dual motor system, remote control & more!

What’s nice is that this boat lift is a single line pull lift which means you’ll lift at 2′ per minute travel & you’ll have the ability to upgrade for minimal dollars to an 8,000-lb lift by double lining the system.

At Boat Lift Distributors we offer a superior products at industry low prices.   Call us & take the Boat Lift Distributors challenge, you’ll thank yourself. This item is plus shipping.  800-657-9998

Additional information

Weight 350 lbs