Hewitt Boat Lifts Made To Last  Since 1974, we’ve been selling boat lifts all across the country. Our family-run company hand picks all our products, parts, and supplies, so that you can be confident that you’re buying the best products on the market for your boating needs. As one of our trusted products, we are…

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Boat Lifts At Boat Lift Distributors, we have been serving boat owners throughout the country since 1974. Since the very beginning, we have been offering high-quality boat lifts at affordable prices. That is why we are proud to introduce our current selection of state-of-the-art Boat Lifts. Please browse our product categories below. You will find…

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  • Constructed from HD T60-61 structural aluminum,
  • Inside width of 131″,
  • Overall length of 206″
  • Lift travel 77-1/2″,
  • Weighs in at 1300-lbs.
  • Includes (4) 4′ Leveling Legs
  • Remote Control included
  • Available in 24 volt DC and 220 volt AC.
  • Includes a large, locking, water-resistant chest to house the high capacity hydraulic pump used for these lifts.

To review installation instructions & or options for this boat lift like canopies, longer leveling legs, guides, etc., call Boat Lift Distributors at 800-657-9998.



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V-Bracket Pipe Support

1600-lb Free Standing Vertical Boat Lift

This boat lift is perfect for any PWC, small skiff or paddle boat.  Although the cantilever lift is a great lift, it cannot operate in the deeper water like the vertical boat lifts can.   The most applicable solution for deeper water & where a portable boat lift is needed for government restrictions or where the water freezes & needs to be removed during those frigid months.


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This monster boat lift has a travel distance of 77-1/2″, it’s inside width is 131″, overall length is 240″, weighs 1600-lbs & comes standard with (4) 4′ leveling legs.

This model includes a large, locking, water-resistant chest to house the high capacity hydraulic pump used for these lifts. The chest provides ample storage for batteries in addition to the pump and control system. As with all models, the system can be operated with the push-button controls inside the chest or with the key fob wireless remote controls.

For further details on this boat lift along with options, call Boat Lift Distributors at 800-657-9998

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8100-lb Hydraulic Free Standing Boat Lift

The 8100 is the perfect boat lift for the bigger lake cruisers & definitely big enough to handle those bigger competition ski boats.  Constructed from heavy duty aluminum this boat lift is the upper echelon of boat lifts.  With over 35 years of manufacturing experience, rest assured your boat is safe with the Hewitt Hydraulic boat lift.  This lift has an inside width of 132″, is 206″ long, comes standard with (4) 3′ leveling legs, weighs 999-lbs.


  • Constructed from HD aluminum
  • Travel:  77-1/2″
  • Inside width: 132″
  • Overall length: 206″
  • Weight: 999-lbs.
  • Available in 220 volt, 12 volt or 24 volt
  • Comes standard with remote control
  • Includes (4) 36″ Leveling Legs
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1800 lb Capacity Hewitt Cantilever Lift 96" x 102"

2400 Free Standing Cantilever Boat Lift

Just like it’s cousin, the 2400 115″ x 102″, this boat lift is the perfect solution for jet boats & smaller crafts.  What’s nice about this boat lift is that it isn’t as wide as the 115″ x 102″.  This boat lift comes in with an inside width of 106″, a length of 102″, weighs 289-lbs. & comes standard with (4) 3′ leveling legs.

OPTIONS = Canopy, longer leveling legs, motor, guides & more.  Call Boat Lift Distributors for further details & to receive a detailed package via email on your next boat lift.  800-657-9998

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1800 lb Capacity Hewitt Cantilever Lift 96" x 102"

4200-lb Free Standing Cantilever Boat Lift

The 4200 is Boat Lift Distributors most popular model in the free standing cantilever models.  Rugged & durable this boat lift the perfect “fit” for your boat.  Weighing in at 470-lbs, this boat lift has an inside dimension of 114″, it’s 127″ long & has (4) 3′ leveling legs.  This boat lift can handle a wide range of boats from the small skiff up to some of the bigger competition ski boats.  However some of today’s bigger Ski Nautique & Mastercrafts will still be over this weight limit, please reference your boating manual for the weight of your boat.

If you like accessories for the boat lifts, we’ve got em’.  Call Boat Lift Distributors for further details 800-657-9998.

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1800 lb Capacity Hewitt Cantilever Lift 96" x 102"

4800-lb Free Standing Cantilever Boat Lift

The pinnacle of the cantilever boat lifts.  The “Ol’ 48″ is constructed from T60-66 aluminum & stainless hardware.  This boat lift will handle almost all the bigger boats running around the lake.  This boat lift weighs 610-lbs, has an inside dimension of 114”, 127 long & has (4) 3′ leveling legs.

For further details & to review all the cool options for this boat lift, contact Boat Lift Distributors at 800-657-9998.  A package can be emailed you within minutes.

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The 5200 Hydraulic Cantilever Lift is the heavy weight of cantilever boat lifts.   If you’ve seen your neighbors spinning the old hand cranks you know that it takes time & a ton of revolutions to raise your boat up & out of the water.  The hydraulic boat lift system makes life so much easier.

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