2400 lb. Capacity Hewitt Cantilever Lift 106″X 102″ (Regular)


2400 Free Standing Cantilever Boat Lift

Just like it’s cousin, the 2400 115″ x 102″, this boat lift is the perfect solution for jet boats & smaller crafts.  What’s nice about this boat lift is that it isn’t as wide as the 115″ x 102″.  This boat lift comes in with an inside width of 106″, a length of 102″, weighs 289-lbs. & comes standard with (4) 3′ leveling legs.

OPTIONS = Canopy, longer leveling legs, motor, guides & more.  Call Boat Lift Distributors for further details & to receive a detailed package via email on your next boat lift.  800-657-9998

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2400 lb. Free Standing Cantilever Boat Lift 106″ x 102″

The only thing different between this lift & the other 2400-lb boat lifts is the length & physical weight.  If you have a longer craft than this will better support the unit.  Proper weight distribution on a boat lift is key, you don’t want to overload the front or back of the cradle beam by not having your boat properly positioned on the boat lift.  106″ inside width, 102″ overall length, 327-lbs & comes standard with (4) 3′ leveling legs.

Need more options like a motor, canopy or guides, we’ve got the.  Call Boat Lift Distributors today for your detailed package on this lift.  800-657-9998.  ** Note phot is with optional canopy.